So, should I hirer a videographer for my wedding?

In short, YES!

Brides don't look back and wish they added a few more peonies to the bridal table or kept the open bar flowing for one more hour. What many brides do sadly regret is not hiring a wedding videographer. If you are even entertaining the idea of investing in wedding videography, then you must have it. If you don't, you surely will live happily ever after, but with that nagging regret. You will wish you could re-live your best day ever by watching your gorgeous wedding video.


Video is essential because there is something magical that video can capture that can't be seen in photographs. You will want to hear the sound of family laughing, the familiar tone of your best friend's voice and the vows you speak to each other as you become man and wife. Some married couples who have celebrated many anniversaries together didn't have a video option when they got married. If they had the opportunity to preserve grandparents speaking on video, it would now be precious to them. Don't lose the chance you have. Video is a way to evoke meaningful memories of a day that flies by in a beautiful blur. You will reminisce over the footage for years to come and it will bring back the feelings of heightened excitement, fierce love and intimate romance that you have in your heart right now. 

"Sadly our memories fade over time and photos and video are a lovely way to hold onto the best of times." 

Some things will happen at your wedding that are priceless. You can't imagine. Things that will make you laugh. Your heart will sing. If only you could experience it over and over again. Well, you can and you should. 

Finally, if budget is a constraint (or you have a very camera shy partner who is resisting the video idea), ask your dream videographers if they have any recommendations that fit your budget. Those are the main two reasons couples don't hire a wedding videographer.

Don't be that sorry bride who shares her wedding day experience on a forum saying, "I wish I could go back and do it all again with a video team there." 

You are going to look stunning as you walk down the aisle and we don't want to miss a single moment!