Cinematography Portfolio

Our wedding films are more than just a collection of moments. They are stories - beautifully woven narratives that encapsulate the love, joy, and emotion that make each wedding unique.

Each film is a cinematic masterpiece, carefully edited and thoughtfully scored, that not only documents the event but also captures the essence of the couple's love story.

Vail, CO

Vail, CO

Isabella & Joshua

Isabella & Joshua's Wedding at Arrabelle Vail Colorado

Isabella and Joshua's wedding at Arrabelle Vail, Colorado, was a celebration of love, nature, and elegance. With the majestic Rocky Mountains as their witness, they created memories that will last a lifetime. Their special day showcased the perfect fusion of romance and natural beauty, leaving everyone in attendance with a sense of awe and wonder.

As the sun set over the mountains, it marked not just the end of a beautiful wedding day but also the beginning of a new chapter in Isabella and Joshua's love story, one that promises to be as timeless and enduring as the breathtaking landscapes that surrounded them.

Tampa, Fl

Tampa, Fl

Tori & Zach

Tori & Zach's Wedding at Armature Works, Tampa, Florida

Unforgettable Memories:

On a beautiful day in Tampa, Florida, we had the distinct honor of capturing the unforgettable love story of the extraordinary couple, Tori and Zach, at the Armature Works. This fully refurbished, mixed-use building exudes a unique mix of industrial chic and classic charm, setting a captivating stage for their wedding.

Tori and Zach were a dream to work with, their deep connection and love for each other lighting up every frame. Their shared laughter, quiet moments, and the way they looked at each other were a testament to their bond, making our role as their photographer and videographer an absolute delight.

Working with Tori and Zach at Armature Works was truly a memorable experience. Their inspiring love story and the opportunity to document their special day at such an aesthetically unique venue was an absolute privilege. This wedding served as a beautiful reminder of why we are passionate about our work - creating enduring memories that tell a story of love, happiness, and a future brimming with promise.

Jennifer + Johari

Jennifer & Johari's Wedding in Brooklyn's Prospect Park

Recently, we had the distinct privilege of capturing the special day of two individuals very dear to us, Jennifer and Johari, in the heart of Brooklyn, New York.

We've known Jennifer and Johari for about a decade, and their journey from being friends to life partners is nothing short of a beautiful love story. Their wedding, held in the serene and picturesque Prospect Park, was a testament to the depth of their bond and a celebration of their shared adventures.

Prospect Park, with its sprawling green landscapes and magnificent architectural structures, provided a breathtaking backdrop for their special day. The ceremony took place by the lake, under a canopy of trees, with the soft rustle of leaves and the tranquil lapping of water lending a magical touch to their vows.

Jennifer, radiant in her wedding gown, was a picture of grace and beauty, while Johari, his eyes filled with anticipation and joy, was the epitome of a proud and excited groom. Capturing their emotions as they prepared for their big moment was a poignant experience that reminded us of the deep friendship we share with them.

The ceremony was filled with heartfelt moments that were both a joy and a privilege to capture. From the exchange of vows that brought tears to the eyes of their loved ones, to the moment they were pronounced husband and wife, every second was a beautiful testament to their love.

But the celebration didn't stop at Prospect Park. Jennifer and Johari wanted to incorporate their love for the city into their wedding narrative, and we were more than happy to oblige. Together, we explored New York City, capturing their journey through the city's bustling streets, iconic landmarks, and hidden gems.

To be able to document the love story of friends we've known for a decade was an absolute privilege. Their wedding day was a beautiful testament to their journey and a celebration of not just their love, but also their shared passion for adventure and exploration. Here's to Jennifer and Johari, and to a lifetime of shared adventures and endless love!

Bella Collina, Montverde Florida

Bella Collina, Montverde Florida

Destiny + Samuel

Destiny & Samuel's Wedding at The Club at Bella Collina

In the world of wedding photography and videography, every occasion is a unique tale of love and celebration. Recently, we had the distinct honor of capturing such a tale at the breathtaking Club at Bella Collina, as Destiny and Samuel embarked on their journey of matrimonial bliss.

Destiny and Samuel's choice of venue was nothing short of enchanting. Nestled in Montverde, Florida, The Club at Bella Collina offers a Tuscan-inspired landscape, complete with rolling hills, a sprawling vineyard, and an exquisite 75,000 square-foot Italianate clubhouse. With its blend of old-world charm and modern elegance, Bella Collina provided an idyllic backdrop for this momentous occasion.

Our day began with Destiny and Samuel's preparations. Destiny, in her ethereal wedding gown, was a vision of grace and beauty. Her nervous excitement was palpable, as she anticipated the moment she would walk down the aisle. On the other hand, Samuel, in his dapper suit, was the embodiment of a groom eager to meet his bride at the altar.

Their first look, set against the majestic architecture of Bella Collina, was a moment of pure emotion. The joy and love in Samuel's eyes as he saw Destiny were moments that we captured, to be cherished for a lifetime.

The ceremony took place on the grand lawn, overlooking the sun-drenched vineyard and sparkling lake. As Destiny and Samuel exchanged their vows, surrounded by the lush beauty of Bella Collina, the air was filled with love and celebration. We were there to capture every tear, every laugh, and every tender look, documenting their promises of forever to each other.

The reception, held in the grand ballroom, was a spectacle of joy and festivity. The ballroom, with its high ceilings, crystal chandeliers, and grand archways, radiated an ambiance of romance and glamour. As Destiny and Samuel danced their first dance as a married couple, their friends and family cheered them on, creating a perfect cinematic moment for us to capture.

But it wasn't just about the grand moments. Throughout the day, there were countless small, intimate moments of love, laughter, and shared glances between Destiny and Samuel. These candid moments, captured in the heart of the celebration, truly encapsulated their love story.

Destiny and Samuel's wedding was more than just an event - it was a fairytale that unfolded in the charming landscape of Bella Collina. We are incredibly grateful to have been a part of their journey and to have had the opportunity to capture their love story. Their wedding serves as a beautiful reminder of why we love our work - preserving moments of love, joy, and celebration that will be cherished for years to come. Here's to Destiny and Samuel, and to a lifetime of happiness!

Simpsons Lake, Dady City

Simpsons Lake, Dady City

Melody & Kevin

Melody & Kevin's Wedding at Simpsons Lake, Dade City

Melody and Kevin's love story unfolded at Simpsons Lake, a venue known for its serene beauty and rustic charm. With its lush landscapes and tranquil lake views, the venue provided a picturesque canvas for their nuptials. The natural beauty of the venue, combined with the couple's carefully curated decor, resulted in a setting that was both intimate and grand.

The day began with the couple's preparations. Melody, in her elegantly flowing wedding gown, was the embodiment of a radiant bride. Her joyous anticipation filled the room, creating an atmosphere of excitement and happiness. Kevin, looking dapper in his suit, mirrored the same eager anticipation, as he prepared to meet his bride.

Their first look, set against the backdrop of the serene lake, was a moment that encapsulated the depth of their bond. The happiness and love that sparkled in their eyes were beautiful to capture, making it a moment that they will cherish forever.

The ceremony took place on the verdant lawns overlooking Simpsons Lake. As Melody and Kevin stood hand in hand, exchanging their vows amidst their loved ones, the serene lake mirrored their emotions, creating a beautiful tableau of their love story.

The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly Melody and Kevin's first dance. As they swayed to their song, completely lost in each other, they painted a beautiful picture of love and unity. This was a moment we were thrilled to capture, knowing that it would be a memory they would cherish forever.

The day ended on a spectacular note, quite literally. As Melody and Kevin shared a tender kiss, the night sky lit up with a stunning fireworks display. The fireworks, a surprise planned by Kevin, was the perfect ending to their special day. The delight and surprise on Melody's face, illuminated by the vibrant colors of the fireworks, created a truly cinematic moment.

Melody and Kevin's wedding was a celebration that combined the serene beauty of nature with their love for each other. It was a privilege to document their wedding day at Simpsons Lake, and we are grateful for the opportunity to create memories that they will revisit and cherish for a lifetime. Here's to Melody and Kevin, and to a future filled with love, joy, and many more spectacular moments!